Yes, absolutely! We have special machines for disinfectant filling, alcohol filling and cleaning products filling. This is actually one of our fortes and we can certify all of our filling machines to be ATEX/ explosion proof if required. Attention that some products with heavy concentrations of alcohol may need to be filled using ATEX certified machines and this is something to consider, regardless of who you buy from.

YES. Frames are generally 304 and contact parts are ALWAYS 316L stainless

verything we supply is made and assembled in the UK.

Yes. We offer technical support in all countries we supply to. We also count with the support of our partners and their engineers.

Provided we have enough information to quote, we supply all of our quotations in less than 24 hours

Yes, where applicable we always supply a layout drawing. We also ask that this drawing is approved by customer, to ensure customers are 100% happy before we proceed to make their new machines.

History speaks for itself and we have machines in operation with over 30 years. We recommend you follow our recommendations on how to use and service the kit regularly. If you need to find out more, contact

We can supply most of our machines in ATEX, depending on your zoning requirements. We tend to standardise on ATEX Class II 2G T4, but we will customise to your requirements depending on specific needs.

Yes, we offer engineering consultancy and design independent of industry. Get in touch and we will be glad to look at it and advise if we can help.

This is always dependant on the problem. We approach strategically to get it fixed asap. All of our machines are supplied with remote access where possible, provided you give us an internet connection, we get an engineer to access remotely and find out what the problem is. Most of the times it is possible to fix it there and then. If not, we will come to site and fix the problem. We aim to where possible come out within 1 day.

Yes. We can integrate with any line and most times, we can go further and connect machines via software so they have the appropriate communication protocols to ensure your line and your factory run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Yes, 99% of the times. Let our automation engineers look at it.

Yes, in most cases. All our lines with PLC’s can be configured to log events and keep logs of production. This is always very specific to each application or factory, so we evaluate each option carefully to provide the most appropriate solution.

Yes. We hold critical spares in stock and will always aim to ship for next day delivery where this is possible.

We offer as standard 1-year warranty, but we can offer extended warranty options on most equipment.

We currently only offer new equipment, but get in touch as we can point you in the right direction and above all, we can advise you on what to look out for, to ensure you don’t have too many surprises when you buy second hand.

We can look into this and in some cases, we may be able to help. We would do this to help, not to profit, so tell us your story and we will consider it.

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